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Calories in Salmon Nigiri Sushi

How Many Calories in Salmon Nigiri Sushi?

Sushi, once almost unknown worldwide, is a popular Japanese delicacy. Sushi is traditionally made using fermented fish and rice that has been salted to preserve it. In Japanese, ‘su’ is vinegar, while ‘meshi’ is rice. When you combine the two, you have ‘sushi.’

In its simplest form, Sushi is just cooked rice marinated with vinegar and then garnished with other items, most frequently fish. Now, there are several types of this delectable meal.

When Sushi is sliced after being twisted into a cylinder, it is known as makizushi. It is commonly wrapped in nori but can also be wrapped in various things, including in soy sauce, paper, cucumber, a thin omelet, and shiso leaves.

Sashimi, or raw fish slices served without a bed of rice, differs from Sushi. Nigirizushi is a type of Sushi consisting of a piece of meat resting atop a tiny slab of sushi rice in the shape of an oval.

Sushi: A Culinary Delight

The word “sushi” brings up impressions of the wide variety of foods types that Japanese restaurants serve. Sushi traditionally emphasizes creativity, innovation, presentation, and flavor equally.

Sushi is a culinary delight. Although eating a salmon roll from a neighboring store might be as satisfying, the true art of Sushi is considered a masterpiece when a skilled chef at Rika Moon serves something exquisite on a lavish dinner.

Sushi is more than simply seafood and rice; it’s about relishing the dish with your loved ones.┬áIt involves socializing with people while your culinary masterpiece is being prepared.

But is it healthy for you, especially if you want to lose weight?

Salmon Nigiri Calories

One piece of Salmon Nigiri (worth 50 grams) has 90 calories. This contains calories of around 59 calories from 1 oz. of raw salmon and about 26 calories from sushi rice. Other seasonings such as wasabi, soy sauce, and pickled ginger that are used to finish the meal add five more calories in salmon nigiri.

Salmon Nigiri is a food with a medium calorie density. It has a high carbohydrate and sugar content and a medium protein and fat content.

Check out this table for more calories information about the calorie count of 1 piece of Salmon Nigiri

Serving Ingredient Calories

20 g rice 26

1 oz raw salmon 59

1/4 tsp wasabi 5

Salmon Nigiri: Is This Healthy?

Salmon nigiri is made with salmon and rice, which gives it a high lean protein, fat and complex carbohydrate content. Fish is an excellent source of protein and essential fats. Rice includes complex carbs, fiber and several components such as B vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, iron, and potassium.

The saturated fat content of Salmon Nigiri is naturally low. Therefore, it might be a fantastic nutritional option for individuals who want to cut back on bad fats and calories because it is created without additional oils. Additionally, Sushi made from fermented rice, frequently used in preparation, might be a beneficial source of probiotics.

Salmon is also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids essential to wellness. Due to its full protein, low-fat and low-calorie content, rice is also an excellent source of nourishment. Omega 3 helps maintain appropriate blood pressure and cardiac and cognitive ability. Your immune system, brain, the quality of your cells, and fatigue level can all be improved with vitamin B12.

Pregnant women should avoid Sushi that contains raw or undercooked fish. Consuming uncooked or undercooked seafood while pregnant exposes your developing baby to toxins, parasites, and mercury.

Salmon Nigiri: Is this Weight Friendly?

Salmon Nigiri may be a wholesome protein and well-balanced meal based on the serving sizes, the standard of the ingredients, and the cooking techniques.

It’s essential to consider the ingredients while choosing a salmon Nigiri to get the healthiest variety. The healthiest Salmon Nigiri is often made with quality fish, rice, and fresh ingredients. You can relish more Sushi without consuming more calories using healthy ingredients.

Brown rice is an option when ordering Sushi. Despite the remaining calorie content, you will gain more nutrients and highly nutritious fiber.

Foods like salmon and avocado offer heart-healthy fat despite the additional calories they contribute.

Salmon Nigiri is typically regarded as a nutritious dish. However, it is recommended to eat it in balance because overindulging or eating it regularly can be unhealthy.

Enjoy a Healthy Version of Sushi and Stay Healthy

Contemporary Japanese restaurants like Rika Moon offer their artistic rolls with exotic spices. Go through the menu and spend some time before placing your order.

Try Salmon Nigiri or any different type because there is no end to the variety of Sushi that may be produced. If you want to reduce your caloric consumption while still enjoying Japanese cuisine, consider eating sashimi, which is simply raw fish without rice.

Tako sashimi with octopus, for instance, contains 46 grams of calories. One ounce of Amaebi sweet shrimp sashimi has 30 grams of calories. An ounce of ikura salmon sushi has 19 calories.


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