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Sushi has become popular worldwide, and one of its most beloved dishes is Nigiri. Nigiri commonly consists of a small ball of sticky rice topped with a thin slice of raw fish. While tuna is the most common choice for Nigiri, Salmon is also a favorite among sushi lovers. But have you ever wondered how to prepare the perfect thinly sliced

Nigiri Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish with a small ball of sushi rice topped with a thin slice of fresh fish. It is one of the most common forms of sushi which is enjoyed around the world. Making Nigiri sushi involves a specific technique that has to be mastered through years of practice. It is an art form that requires

Sushi enthusiasts love Sushi, and all agree that it is delicious cuisine. Adding Sushi rice, some raw meat, fish, sweet shrimp, and veggies make the dish even more palatable because they cover practically all the dietary groups. Sushi is healthy to consume for several reasons besides its rich flavor. Sushi is a nutritious Japanese dish with balanced ingredients. This is another

Sushi doesn't always mean "raw fish," despite what many people believe. Sushi can be made with either raw fish or cooked seafood. "Sushi" refers to the vinegared rice included in the meal, not fish. Su is the Japanese word for vinegar, while meshi is the term for rice. The two terms are therefore merged to form the word "sushi," which means

Sushi, once almost unknown worldwide, is a popular Japanese delicacy. Sushi is traditionally made using fermented fish and rice that has been salted to preserve it. In Japanese, 'su' is vinegar, while 'meshi' is rice. When you combine the two, you have 'sushi.' In its simplest form, Sushi is just cooked rice marinated with vinegar and then garnished with other items,

When you think about eating sushi, what comes to your mind? I bet it is the hand-rolled sushi rice wrapped in seaweed with a topping of raw fish or vegetables. Maki, which means "to roll" in Japanese, is a popular type of round sushi consisting of rice cooked in vinegar, salt, and sugar wrapped around a layer of black seaweed (nori).


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